Inventory Control

CedarCreek’s Inventory Control module accurately tracks and costs perpetual inventory at any number of inventory locations at your property. The application is fully integrated with CedarCreek’s eProcurement module to automate purchases.

The system can also be integrated with your back-office accounting system to update your General Ledger, accounting for all inventory-related transactions. The system supports multiple valuation methods.

The Inventory Control module seamlessly integrates with CedarCreek’s Declining Checkbook feature to charge outlets upon fulfillment (and/or on Inventory take) to track true food costs by outlet. The application features detailed inventory and cost-by-outlet reporting.

CedarCreek also offers Android based scanners for easy bar code and data scanning. The Inventory Control module works with most bar code scanners.

Inventory Control module includes:

  • On-Hand Quantity Tracking
  • Multiple Valuation Methods
  • Requisitions (storeroom-to-outlet, outlet-to-outlet)
  • Fulfillment to outlets and inventory locations
  • True Cost-by-Outlet tracking
  • Transfers, Returns (including cross-property transfers)
  • Physical Inventory Counts with Bar Code Scanner
  • Wireless compatible
  • Par Values
  • Plan Purchases – automatically computes replenishment order quantities
  • Automates PO Generation for Inventory Replenishment
  • FIT – Fast Implementation Tools (a number of tools to speed the implementation including reading legacy system files to load item master and cost history)

Below shows the Inventory requisition workflow process using an example of moving 75 bottles from one location to another:

Inventory Control: Outlet to Storeroom Daily Workflow Diagram

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