eProcurement systems help businesses manage their supply chain and purchasing programs efficiently and effectively. For both small and large operations, an eProcurement solution can reduce paper costs, replace labor-intensive processes, improve supplier integrity, increase control over your budget and approval system. Procure-to-pay solutions improve your business processes and bottom line numbers.

The CedarCreek purchasing platform helps eliminate purchasing silos within an organization while reducing food & beverage and operational costs. Efficiency, visibility and financial control is organized and driven through eProcurement across all departments. Below demonstrates the transactional flow of the CedarCreek eProcurement module.

eProcurement Transaction Flow Diagram

The Advanced Approval Workflow is automated to the designated approvers:

eProcurement Advanced Approval Workflow Diagram

CedarCreek eProcurement features include:

  • Electronic Purchase Orders
  • Electronic Requisitions
  • Online Request for Quote
  • Online Receiving
  • Online Catalogs
  • Create Customized Order Guides for frequently ordered items
  • Punch-Out Interfaces
  • Supplier-on-the-Fly
  • Checkbook Drilldown
  • Advanced Workflow Approvals
  • Analytics / Data Warehouse
  • Supplier Facing Portal
  • Charge and Track Budgets

Why CedarCreek?

The CedarCreek eProcurement system is an automated, cloud-based solution that will improve efficiency and effectiveness, and ultimately save your club time and money.

CedarCreek customers routinely report a reduction in direct expenses (OS&E and F&B purchases) in excess of 5% and AP labor reductions of 50% or more. All report immeasurable soft cost reductions and reallocation of resources.

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