Technology applied to beverage inventory basics

AccuBar has a long track record of helping hospitality operations track their liquor, beer and wine inventory more quickly and effectively. Our philosophy is that it is crucial to have a thorough inventory management process in place to control costs and run a profitable operation, but too many operations skip this step because it is so tedious and labor-intensive. The result is invariably higher costs, theft, overpouring and a list of other abuses that are all too common.

AccuBar has a better way. We have taken tried and true beverage management methods and automated them, using fast, sturdy barcode scanners to save labor, eliminate error points and drive loss prevention and accountability. The typical result is a more efficient operation, lower costs and higher profitability.

Our system has been used across the board in the industry, from small bars and nightclubs to the largest resorts, hotels and country clubs. In short, if you are struggling to manage your bar operation more effectively, AccuBar is a proven solution.

AccuBar’s many capabilities

AccuBar is the most comprehensive bar inventory management system available. You will use it every step of the way, to simplify the time-tested processes that have proven effective for decades. AccuBar will provide fast, durable barcode scanners that feed your counts into our cloud-based database and deliver reporting and analysis in the following areas:

  • Inventory counts
  • Receiving
  • Perpetual inventory
  • Supplier ordering
  • Transfers between locations
  • Requisitions and outlet restocking
  • Empties
  • Managing wine lists
  • Banquets and events

AccuBar’s mobile app also enables you to scan from a smartphone or tablet, giving you unparalleled flexibility in how you configure the system. Contact our sales team so we can help you figure out the best setup for your operation and your budget.

Saving labor with AccuBar

barcode scanningAccuBar was designed from top to bottom with the goal of making the beverage inventory process faster and less labor-intensive. The use of barcode scanners, such as those used by AccuBar, has saved other industries countless labor hours, but the hospitality industry has been slow to take advantage of this proven technology.

By using AccuBar scanners and/or our smartphone app, operators have reported that they typically do an inventory in a quarter of the time it took for pencil and paper methods. But that’s only the beginning — Here are a few other ways AccuBar saves labor:

  • Reports delivered in minutes: No more keyboarding in counts after an inventory. AccuBar delivers an Excel spreadsheet by email within minutes after every step of the process.
  • Automatic perpetual inventory: AccuBar calculates your perpetual for you by factoring in receiving, empties, transfers and even POS sales.
  • Orders created in seconds: Assign a par level and supplier to each item, and AccuBar will tell you what to reorder with a few clicks.
  • Wine list management simplified: AccuBar can produce your printed wine list in your custom format, including only items that are in stock.

Loss prevention and cost controls for your bar

Inventory losses in the hospitality industry, for liquor, wine and beer in particular, are an enormous drain on revenues that many write off as a cost of doing business. According to industry studies, losses in an average bar operation are around 25%, so essentially one out of every four drinks never gets sold.

All too often, shoddy inventory practices are a main reason for these abuses going unchecked. Without consistent, thorough, accurate inventories, it can be impossible to pinpoint problem areas or maintain even minimal staff accountability.

No more. AccuBar gives you the information you need to keep your costs in check, which can be a key to survival in a tough industry. With a few clicks, you’ll see variances and beverage costs for the inventory period, enabling you to track down how those losses occurred. You can also do spot-checks on your staff members to ensure they’re meeting performance standards. You can even take daily inventories on your highest-volume items to quickly expose any losses.

AccuBar’s reports offer many other tools for controlling costs. The system will reveal slow-moving stock items, overstocking, and other metrics, along with the ever-important beverage cost percentage calculations.

Reports help you manage your bar effectively and efficiently

AccuBar’s package of reports is designed to give bar operators the info they need to run an efficient, profitable bar operation. Reports detail the basics such as inventory counts and valuation, receiving, empties and transfers, as well as the advanced metrics you need to uncover problems and increase accountability. Our reports will show you:

  • Beverage cost percentage: This key stat compares your sales against consumption to tell you how much of your profit is escaping.
  • Variances: If a bottle of your stock comes up missing, you will know it.
  • Overstocking: Two different reports that compare what you should be ordering against what you’re actually ordering. This report has helped many AccuBar users reduce their stock levels significantly.
  • Slow movers: AccuBar will show you which inventory items aren’t moving.
  • Events: If you do events or banquets, this report will detail consumption, expected sales and other data.

AccuBar’s reports are available in Excel format, delivered by email to whomever you choose, and are also viewable online through your website login. You’ll receive detailed, informative reports via emails within minutes.

New Application for iPhone and Android

You can now run AccuBar on a smartphone or tablet.  The app uses the phone’s camera to scan the barcode on a bottle, then displays the bottle’s shape — just like the regular AccuBar app. The app will also connect to an affordable Bluetooth scanner for faster scanning.

AccuBar customers will have more flexibility in deciding how to use the system. Bar Inventory Software

  • Intermec scanner — Our fast, rugged scanners are still a great option for those who have large inventories or who do inventory frequently.
  • Phones/tablets only — A more affordable option for those willing to sacrifice a little speed.
  • Bluetooth scanner — Connect this handheld device to your phone or tablet app to speed up scanning. This approach will occupy two hands, so it’s perfect if you do inventory with teams of two.
  • Mix and match — You can combine any of the above options. So you might equip your managers with phone apps along with having an Intermec scanner on inventory day, for instance.